start-up platform give an open source of knowledge, network, discussion, co-working space and product-to-business interaction. As an open-source online digital cultural ecosystem CULTART start up platform involves young professionals in the real “digital market world”.

The CULTART project defines the following objectives:

– To include and train CCS young professionals, networks, organisations, representatives of self-employed emerging professionals, small cultural and creative businesses, and CC sectoral employer organisations to raise the efficacy of cultural management skills.

– To raise competencies and expertise of the partner consortium members by providing trainer-to-trainee sessions to multiply knowledge and skills transnationally.

– To amplify advances in CCS young professionals’ recognition of work and support the creative potential of youth by including real study cases from cultural institutions (e.g. museums, theatres, operas, festivals) in educational practises enhancing skill-to-practice competencies in young cultural managers. – – To deliver Educational benefits from advances in cultural and creative sectors, particularly in the use of new digital tools that build on gaming technologies and new forms of cultural content.

– To support cultural and creative entrepreneurship ascatalysts of new models of economic and social value creation.

More about CULTART here