Day 2 | Orienteering

28 | 03 | 2023

The group visit the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Museum of Macedonia and meet Ana Frangovska the senior curator and the PR Suzana Minovska both of who shared their experience on working in extraordinary conditions, transforming a programme, design, developing an audience, and creating marketing strategies.

In the afternoon session:

Working in extraordinary conditions, transforming a program, designing, attracting an audience and marketing strategies for promotion – Ana Frangovska (senior curator at the National Gallery) and Suzana Minovska (PR – National Gallery)

A wide scope of management – between culture, sustainability, entertainment and everyday life – presentation on the management of “Public Room” – presenter – Aleksandar Velinovski (manager)

After the intense day of orienteering the 5 working groups are ready to work on the case study challenges starting tomorrow.

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