Day 1 | The Marathon 

21 | 11 | 2022

The first day of the Design and Architecture programme was with the mentors of the Valari Studio and their Case Study presentation with the warm welcome of the young cultural manager’s group in the beautiful Biblioteca Convitto Palmieri!

Day 2 | The Orienteering 

22 | 11 | 2022

The second training day was all about practice. The group traveled to the city of Carovigno to visit their mentors from the Valari Studio’s fantastic project – Masseria Belvedere.

Plus, our 25 designers, architects, and future cultural managers had a tour of the woodworking #AlessandraAlba and the cement factory Pavimenti Marra where the ‘old’ and the ‘new’ ways meet.

Taka a look at what they discover through the fantastic footage from our participants below!

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