Day 1 | The Marathon 

12 | 07 | 2023

Day 31 20e3, Cultart Management Academy | The first day of the hottest training in Plovdiv was a genuine Marathon!
A deep dive into the cultural and creative scene of Plovdiv was on the agenda of the Cultart group with the hospitality of 1f99a, Cultart Management Academy Basilica of Philippopolis and its director Prof. Elena Kantareva-Decheva, and the inspiring first talk with the 2b50, Cultart Management Academy Case Study team of State opera Plovdiv!

15:30 Case Study 1 “Kimolia” Social Entrepreneur Organization
(Presentation of the organization Kimolia, based in Ioannina)
16:30 Presentation 2 “Show me the money” M5: Fundraising in CCS (European Programs for Culture)
(Presentation about Fundraising Opportunities
& European Projects that can be used to fund the Cultural Sector)
17:30 Workshop 2 M4: Project Development in CCS
The outstanding practitioners Chris Baldwin, Studio Punkt, and the Limacon marketing agency took the group through the key steps in management, from inspiration to concept, identity, and forms to storytelling and realization of large-scale events and festivals!

Day 2 | Friendly Match

13 | 07 | 2023

Day 32 20e3, Cultart Management Academy | Friendly Match
How to manage Opera Plovdiv? How to manage an international ballet troupe with choreographers from Europe and the world? How to produce the Adams Family and Anna Karenina in Plovdiv?
The group has the opportunity to ask the artistic assistant of the Opera Open Tsvetomira Tsoneva, the ballet tutor Petya Dimova, and one of the prominent Bulgarian directors Petar Odadzhiev.
 The Deputy Mayor of Culture, Archaeology, and Tourism, Plamen Arrow Panov, and the CEO of Plovdiv 2019, Kiril Velchev also welcomed the group and exchanged valuable experiences and examples of the cultural life in the city.
Photo Credit: Tony Schnitter