CultArt Multiplier event in Skopje

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The final multiplier events in The Republic of North Macedonia took place on November 15th in Public room.
Multiplier event on which the hosting organisation was Edu Center gathered local beneficiaries and associated partners in order to introduce the project, its aims and activities, as well as the main project result – 5 LTTA’s in 5 different countries with 5 participants from each country for each LTTA and Cultart Business book. 

More details to the audience had given about the LTTA’s, the Cultart education platform, its functions and the Business book. 

More than 50 local guests were invited to take part in the Multiplier event. It included representatives from the target groups – young people: arts tudents, teachers, educational workers, youth and cultural workers, educators and trainers, companies. They had the chance the get acquainted with the project staff, to gain information about the Cultart academy and its functional sectors, as well as access to the international network.

Participants discussed with the different speakers about the relevance of Cultart in The Republic of North Macedonia – everybody agreed that skills in Cultart subjects play a significant role in the cultural, social and economic revitalization of a country, and in order to encourage their study, especially among young artist, the creation of in-depth courses in these disciplines should be promoted. 

For these reasons, the case studies presented in the Business book and the project platform Cultart academy have been welcomed with enthusiasm and interest.

This event was for the promotion and dissemination of the Business book and Cultart academy platform. At least 35 local people was part in it.